Artist's CV

Solo exhibitions

March, 2016 - "The Seventh Chapter " , Astrakhan Russia,” Illusion Hall”.

August, 2016 - Solo exhibition of illustrative works based on the work of L. Carroll "Alice in Wonderland", Astrakhan, Russia, Central City Museum “Zeughaus”, Astrakhan Kremlin.

October-November 2016 - Personal exhibition "Phantasmagoria", Astrakhan, Russia Central City Museum “Zeughaus”, Astrakhan Kremlin.

June 2017 - Solo exhibition "Riddles on canvases", Volgograd, Russia, Museum and exhibition center.


July-August 2017 - Personal exhibition "Kaleidoscope" in Kamyshin, Russia. MUK Museum and exhibition center.

October 2017 - Personal exhibition "Mirages" in GAUK JSC " Astrakhan state Theatre of Ballet and Opera, Astrakhan, Russia. ,

November-December, 2017 -  "Riddles on the canvas". Saratov, Russia. Central State Museum and exhibition center.

January-February 2018 - Personal exhibition "Riddles on the canvas" in Central State Museum of Marks. Marks, Russia.

February-March  2018 - Personal exhibition "Riddles on the canvas” . Volgodonsk State Museum. Volgodonsk, Russia

April-may 2018 - Personal exhibition " Riddles on the canvas". Zimovnikovskiy History

Museum. Russia, Rostov region, Zimovniki.

July 2018 - Personal exhibition in GAUK JSC "Astrakhan Puppet Theatre", Russia, Astrakhan. 

  1. Music for yes, Bologna, Italy
  2. “Stardust” , Rome, Italy


Group Exhibitions

Charity project "Beyond" , Astrakhan, Russia , Park Inn Hall, July 2016.

International exhibition "Portrait of a cat", the Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists Exhibition, July 2017.



Russian art week participant, season 2017, autumn. Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya street 10, Moscow, Russia. International ART PLAY design center.

Portrait all-Russia exhibition - art May, Kislovodsk Historical Museum "Fortress", Russia, Kislovodsk, Mira str. 11. May 2018




International exhibition "Colors of humanity", the first prize for the painting "The Magus". May, 2017.

 http://www.colors of humanity art




Astrakhan State University of Foreign Languages. Teacher and Interpreter of English and German Languages.


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